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Starting Your Search…

Finding the right beach holiday can be a challenge. However, when you’re equipped with the knowledge, advice, and honest travel tips you can get the best out of any holiday. There are several important aspects you need to consider before you begin your search.

It is worth looking at how far the beach is from the hotel/villa. A hotel often claims to be a beach resort but actually, it might not have any direct access to the beach. Consequently, you end up with less beach time because most of it is spent walking back and forth from the hotel.

Ideally, you want to have all the facilities close by so that you can easily get to the beach and back to your room within minutes. So do make it a point to check whether the beach offers beach chairs, umbrellas, towels, a bar, etc…

Thailand Beach Resort

My Travel Tips on Choosing a Beach Resort…

I have a lot of travel when I choose a beach resort, I make sure that I don’t have to carry my towel all the way to the beach. And then obviously carry the wet/sandy towel back to the hotel so that I could return it. Or I wouldn’t get my towel deposit back! This can really spoil the holiday for you.

Another important factor to consider is the type of resorts you want. Is it a family resort, a quiet and peaceful resort, or something more romantic for just the two of you?

Then there is also the budget. For most people, this will play a dominant role in the decision-making process. I would advise you not to consider any hotels/resorts under 3 stars if you are expecting a certain amount of comfort.

Keep in mind that a 5-Star Resort/Hotel can cost you around the same amount of money as a 3 star in many other comparable parts of the world. So why not treat yourself to a nice upgrade?



Calling ahead…

Always ring the hotel before you make the booking. Ask a few questions about the hotel – like the facilities they offer, the actual distance from the beach, the rooms that have a sea view/pool view. Make sure you ask them every question that you might be doubtful about.

You will be amazed to see how much better your stay can be by simply calling ahead.

Thailand beach resort

I always have a casual chat with the person that answers the phone – usually the receptionist or one of the sales team.

This way, they don’t feel that I am demanding anything. Instead, it gives the impression that I’m simply asking for their advice on how to make my stay better.


In a resort, there may be several hotel/apartment buildings. Some will have a better view of the pool or the sea or may have great views of the sunset. While others may be closer to the beach. So, it always pays to find out which view and location is right for you.


Get the facts directly from the source…

Sunset in Phuket

The reason I offer my travel tips is because sometimes this sort of information is not available to you through a website or a travel agent.

Having said that, most websites will have all the necessary information that you may require about the hotel/resort. Similarly, most travel agents will be more than happy to get this information for you.

I truly believe that it is better to make that call yourself. This way you will know for sure that you have the facts directly from the authentic source. The hotel will be more than happy to give you honest advice and information – especially if you say that you are just about to make a reservation.

Don’t forget to ask who you are speaking to. This will make the person feel much more obliged to provide you with any information you require and to make the effort to ensure that you do get that sea view room you really wanted.

This simple method of calling the hotel before making a reservation has saved me money, time, and unnecessary grief and disappointment that I have previously experienced during my trips.

My Travel Tips when Searching for flights…

The traditional approach to booking an airline ticket through a travel agent is slowly fading.  Having said that, there are still times when I call my travel agents or the airlines directly. You might be wondering why since there is a plethora of great websites available for booking airline tickets.

However, sometimes I need specific information on a hotel or a flight which may not be clear on the website. Once I was making an online reservation for a flight and there was no information about luggage allowance. I got to the payment page and still couldn’t find anything about the luggage allowance.

Consequently, I decided to call the airline and found out that there was a glitch in their system. One check-in piece of luggage costs an extra 35 Euros which no longer made this airfare attractive! Luckily, I called the airline before confirming the booking.


Let me begin by making a few recommendations:

The first thing I do when I am searching for an airline ticket is to go straight to Google Flights. They provide accurate information about which airline has the best deal on which date. It also gives you the option to search for a Multicity airfare. If you want a stopover, this will give you all the flexibility to find the perfect flight for you.

Google flights will offer you the best travel tips and spit out every airline starting from the lowest fair. Here is a screenshot of Google Flights:

Travel Tips Google Flights


Google Flights offer great Travel Tips and Advice…

Another great feature of Google Flights is that it lets you view and compare the ticket prices on any chosen date.

The screenshot below shows a chart of the date chosen to fly plus/minus 3 days. If you are flexible with your departure and return dates, you will save some money:


Travel Tips Google Flights



The tools available in Google Flights are very easy to use. However, they do have advanced features that allow you to change a simple return flight booking into a complex multi-stop/round the world flight.

Once you have selected the desired flight and dates, you will find a list of flights available starting with the lowest. The schedule will  also provide a ‘date tip’ which will suggest how you can save more money by being flexible with your dates:


Travel Tips Google Flights


For me, Google Flights is the first base to finding the best and the cheapest flights. In many scenarios I found Google Flights to be more than sufficient in locating the best deals on flights.

However, there have also been many instances when Skyscanner or Momondo came up with better deals on flights.

For more information on the how I choose my flights and save big on them, click on the Flights page.


Barclay Bob

November 13, 2017at 3:18 pm

Oops.. I wish I’d seen this before going on my last vacation with my wife. We would have saved ourselves the disappointment we got. The website we got flight tickets from did not tell us the charge on luggage more than the required size. We got to the airport only to be asked for an extra fee for our excess luggage. And the price wasn’t pretty. We ended up grudgingly paying the money but our excitement was long gone.


November 13, 2017at 3:21 pm

Oops.. I wish I’d seen this before going on my last vacation with my wife. We would have saved ourselves the disappointment we got. The website we got flight tickets from did not tell us the charge on luggage more than the required size. We got to the airport only to be asked for an extra fee for our excess luggage. And the price wasn’t pretty. We ended up grudgingly paying the money but our excitement was long gone.


    November 14, 2017at 1:55 pm

    Hi Seadals,
    Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate incident. I honestly think that airlines are making a huge additional revenue from luggage charges. You would think that they would focus on gaining as many happy/satisfied customers from great deals on airfares but it seems that the airline industry is becoming so competitive that charging extra for your luggage is now standard on almost all European flights. Be very careful to check what is included in your airfare before proceeding to purchase.

Rebecca Sharks

November 13, 2017at 3:24 pm

These are great tips that would save a lot of people from making wrong choices. For instance, I’m on a vacation with my fiance and I can’t be more angry at the moment. We didn’t call the hotel before traveling. We got to the recommended hotel and we were shocked to hear that all the good rooms have been booked. As if that is not enough, the closest hotel is like 49 minutes away. We’d to get a low-cost room only to find out it is facing a cliff! The beach is not really a cool place with kids making so much noise and sellers yelling at everyone. There is really nothing as annoying as a failed vacation.

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